Split System Air Conditioning

If you’re in the market for a split system air conditioning solution for your home or office, it’s important to know which model or unit will best serve your needs and budget. AC Install is a team of highly trained air conditioning specialists you can rely on for fast, convenient, and professional advice and installation for all of your air conditioning requirements.  Locally located in Sydney, we service the metro and greater Sydney region.

Split System Air Conditioning systems are a great and affordable way of effectively heating or cooling single rooms, apartments, home offices, studies, and converted living spaces like garages and granny flats.  Most split system air conditioners will also have an air filtering and humidity control function which allows you to moderate the level of dust and moisture in a specific room.  This makes a split system air conditioner great for people suffering from allergies, asthma, or other sensitivities which require strict air purity.

Depending on the availability of wall and ceiling space, a split system air conditioner can be of varying size and can be installed in a range of clever, space savings places that aren’t too intrusive or aesthetically displeasing.

Split System Air Conditioners are also available with multiple discharge heads offering separate size heads for different rooms of your home or office operating off a single condenser outside the building.

AC Install offers a team of highly skilled and experienced air conditioning technicians who can provide professional advice on which type of split system air conditioner is best for your home or office, and which type of unit will provide the best performance long-term for your money.

Our team operate to the very highest standards of work safety and professionalism.  Our detailed quote on your split system air conditioner installation will include a thorough safety assessment of the available space so you can rest easy that your new AC unit is installed not only fast and discreetly, but also safely and reliably.

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