Multi System Air Conditioning

If you’re in the market for an air conditioning unit for your home or office, it pays to know what’s available.  AC Install, operating locally throughout Sydney, offers you a team of highly trained professional AC installers and technicians who can provide you with expert professional advice on the best system for your needs and budget as well as a detailed quote on installation and maintenance for AC units like Multi System Air Conditioning.

Have you heard of Multi System Air Conditioning?

Multi-system air conditioning units are revolutionising the way residential and small scale commercial buildings use air conditioning.

Convenient and economical, a multi-system air conditioning unit works like a conventional split system air conditioning unit.  There is a condenser installed on the outside of the building producing cooled or warmed air as required but instead of a single discharge point within the building, the multi-system AC unit allows multiple discharge points throughout the building.

Indoor units operate independently and allow the user to optimise temperature, air flow, noise, and humidity for each unit separately.  This is particularly useful for children’s rooms and nurseries as often temperatures and air quality needs will be different to larger living spaces within the home.

One outdoor condenser unit can power up to four indoor units simultaneously and yet still remain energy efficient when operating just one indoor unit at low capacity.  As energy prices continue to rise, this could be the perfect way to ensure cool air in summer and warm air in winter without breaking the bank with either the cost of your unit, installation, or continued running costs.

For more information on whether a multi system air conditioning unit is the right choice for your building and needs, contact us at AC Install.